About us

Innovation laboratory founded in 2016 in the Arica and Parinacota Region, which seeks to improve industrial processes through scalable technological solutions, developing traditional suppliers and Start Ups.

It hopes to link entrepreneurs and businessmen to real problems of industries located in extreme areas, articulating joint business offers and implementation of methodologies. Valuing its national and international collaboration networks.

We transform problems that have not been solved in a traditional way into challenges.

We take charge of the project to build the prototype of the innovative solution.

We catalyze the generation of new suppliers from local talent.


We work to provide solutions to problems that affect industrial processes in our territory with creativity and discipline. We have the ability to adapt to change quickly with astuteness and a positive attitude.

Even before the health crisis that affects our country and the world, we were working remotely, in real time, thinking about the future, acting today and collaboratively.


WAKI Labs seeks to face the challenges of the future and global industrialization through the development of innovative solutions through a formula that involves science, research, innovation and local talent.

Our goal is to become one of the contenders in the next chapter of our planet’s industrial revolution…and beyond! If a solution works here on earth, why not on other planets?


WAKI Labs is continuously improving its value network with entrepreneurs, companies, scientists and researchers to work collaboratively to solve the challenges presented by the industry. What interests us is capturing the capacity for innovation and discipline of entrepreneurship.

Become part of a collaborative network of talent seeking scalable, high-impact businesses, providing solutions to difficult industry problems in extreme environments.

Investigate together with WAKI Labs the possibility of developing new products and solutions for the world of the future, where extreme and remote environments will have to be more productive.

We are collaborating with leading companies in the industry, improving solutions in the most arid place in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

What changes have occurred since the original WAKI Labs cowork model?

A: WAKI Labs has been transforming from a simple coworking space to a prototype laboratory that caters to the industry in extreme territories, like the one we have in our Chilean desert.

Why should I link my business with WAKI Labs?

A: As a result of the foregoing, our cowork has evolved into a space more focused on companies and ventures of a technological nature that provide prototyping capabilities for new ideas and products, of high value for the local industry.

What types of enterprises / companies work within WAKI Labs today?

A: Technology companies that solve energy problems, efficient use of resources, automation, industrial design, software, project development, new generation training / education.

What capacities do we still need?

A: Many… All…! the truth is that we are still too few to be able to respond to the problems that we find in the extreme industry. We mainly need capabilities in: Software, Hardware, AI, Rapid Prototyping, Circular Economy, New Materials, Renewable Energies, IoT, Digital Education, etc… the list could go on and on.

Do you provide the virtual office service? (very recurring question)

A: No.

Can I still visit WAKI Labs and use it as a Cowork?

A: You must first coordinate with our team, since the visits depend on the space available and the maximum capacity, obeying the COVID-19 sanitary measures that have been implemented.

Why should I link with WakiLabs?

a) Because WAKI Labs is continuously addressing industry challenges that require high-level suppliers with a local presence. The doors to participate in these are open to all who have a real interest.

b) Because we have a long-term vision. We want to be precursors of our extreme industry that the planet will need to survive in another 20 years. Every step we take must obey our “WAKI 2035” project..

c) Because at WAKI Labs logic prevails. We work in a transparent, friendly and respectful environment. We are not a company with ulterior motives or political obligations. Only: Logic, Data, Arguments, Science and Rock and Roll.

d) Because WAKI Labs continuously connects with instruments and entities that promote new ventures, such as Accelerators, Incubators, Hubs, Technological Conferences, etc., from which all our allies are invited to benefit..

¿How can I link my business with WAKI Labs?

If you want to join us, contact Patricio Arias via whatsapp or patricio.arias@wakilabs.cl

Check de questions before write us. if it’s about another situation, you can left us a message in the next form.

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